Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random music #14 & #15

(Some more lessons on music writing)

Number #14. Know when to pull the plug.

Sometimes the interview just sucks. I've had two in a row this week. One was so bad, I actually pulled it rather than go through the heartbreaking and phony process of trying to prop the guy up. He's probably a very good guitar player, very interesting musically. Speaking to him was like talking to one of the pill heads who ask for change over at the transit mall.

The option was there to not go to print, so I thanked him for his time and got off the phone. Best of luck to you, man. Hope you find your toes.

Number #15. The Chelsea rule.

Someone who rises up the ranks of fame by acting unpleasant and hard to like despite his or her obvious brains and beauty isn't acting. Chances are they've just a remarkably talented or funny asshole. But remember, a funny or talented asshole is still an asshole, particularly when they're not trying to be funny or talented.

The downside is if the option to pull the plug isn't there. Do the right thing. Be honest.

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eclectic guy said...

If it's Chelsea Handler, I want to
A. hear the story
B. hear the audio