Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nose to the grindstone 3

Here is my list of people I'm currently bugging about my novel...

Charlotte Gusay (she likes pursuing stuff that could translate into movies. As I have often said, I'd love for their to be a movie about my life, starring Samuel L. Jackson as me)

Kimberly Cameron

Moses Cordona (The dude is into comics. I'm taking that as a sign)

Julia Lord

Stephanie Lee (She likes Gen-X related stuff and 'Click' is very definitely a Gen-X flavored sort of thing, though I don't obsess about video games, cartoons or breakfast cereal)

Kristin Nelson

From the two previous batches, I haven't received anything back. Obviously, the best case scenario is someone bites and they ask to see the manuscript. This is what I want next, a new level of disappointment and pain. Hopefully, what I'm doing now will eventually lead to the sort of self-destructive behavior that is only the product of wild success. Meanwhile, I'm expecting half of my queries to return responses.

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