Monday, October 6, 2008

Halloween project

I'm a huge Halloween fan. Like my views of Christmas, I don't celebrate the religious aspects of the holiday (in this case, something to vaguely do with Satan and Hershey's chocolates), but really enjoy the candy, costumes and horror movies. I love horror movies, though I can scarcely bring them in the house any more. The wife and kids don't like them.

So, to honor Satan's special day (besides my birthday) and give me a way to enjoy Halloween, I'm going to write and post a short story to the blog (just one story, probably, told in four parts). If all goes according to plan, this will come out on Fridays through October 31.

I'm not promising polish. I'm not even going to promise the pieces will be scary, only that there should be something there to read.

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kenju said...

I look forward to that. My birthday is Oct. 30th.