Monday, October 13, 2008

Nose to the grindstone

In an effort to keep me honest on the current step in trying to get published, I've decided to post the names of the people I'm sending my book to. I've really been slacking off. If I should fail to send out five copies in a given week, I have to give somebody the postage I would have spent to mail out my query letter, synopsis and sample chapters (that's about $1.50 for each envelope).

You guys get to keep me honest. If I fail to list the names by Thursday, the first person to send me an e-mail gets $7.50. I'll even send it in cash, since it's more likely to clear that way. This would also be why I'm setting a minimum of five. I can afford five. Some weeks I might be able to afford more, but five I can come up with. $7.50 is one lunch (or two if you eat at Rally's).

This doesn't run out until either the economy completely bottoms out, the internet unplugs and alien beetles become our lords and masters. I could also an agent or a publisher. Whichever comes first. If neither, when I run out of names, I'll simply start from the top again.

Just to show I ain't foolin', here is list number one.

Joelle Delbourgo
Elise Capron
Brian Defiore
Miriam Altshuler
Sara Crowe
Sally van Haitsma

In the unlikely anyone on this list is actually reading my blog... howdy. You've got mail. If it doesn't show up in a couple of days, let me know and I'll send you another --this time in a shiny wrapper.

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