Thursday, October 30, 2008

eyes to the wasteland

Well, I voted today. I voted my conscience. I believe Sarah Palin anywhere near the Oval office is bad. She bothers me. What I know about her suggests the worst aspects of both Nixon, Clinton and Bush II all wrapped up in a perky little package that makes the evangelical boys pant with lust. I believe so strongly in the wrongness of her being so close to the highest office in the nation I decided not to vote of Ralph Nader. I could not accept the possibility of contributing to the possibility of giving her a legitimate shot at the presidency. The best way to do do that was to vote with the herd.

Ralph is right when he says I'm politically enslaved if I don't get to vote for the candidate of my choice.

I'm a slave. I'm a 21st Century American slave, a well-fed slave, but a slave nonetheless. There is no happiness here, just an endless, tiring pursuit.

I don't believe in Obama, but I voted for him.

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Elvis Drinkmo said...

I hear you, brother. I've pretty much resigned myself to the same thing.

Sarah Palin is a complete dumbass and there's just no other way around it.