Thursday, January 17, 2008

Money Grubbing

Oh, just because there is a monetary portion to this thing I'm doing next weekend (jumping into a pool of cold, cold water), I thought I'd post the address and details for how you can support the cause.
Send all checks to:
Bill Lynch
c/o The Charleston Gazette
1001 Virginia St E
Charleston, WV 25301.

Write out the check to: Special Olympics, West Virginia.
Do not send cash or naked pictures of your dog, unless you feel strongly that I should have cash to spend on lunch or if your dog is inhumanly attractive.
You know who you are...


Buzzardbilly said...

While both of our dogs are inhumanly attractive...spectacularly so, even...they are camera shy and have strong feelings about not rubbing that fact in the faces of others.

zen said...

my good luck wish:
i hope this is the first and last thing you ever do that your testicles will never forgive you for.
the end.

primalscreamx said...

Too late. Girl in college. Too much beer. Really awkward morning.

Anonymous said...

Good luck

TOR Hershman said...

Carpe dé splash.

Stay on groovin' safari,