Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jesus and the Joker

Per their website, the Westboro Baptist Church is planning on picketing Heath Ledger's funeral. Heath Ledger starred as a gay cowboy in Ang Lee's movie about cowpokes, which I haven't seen because it hasn't been available at the library. I did read the novella, "Brokeback Mountain,"which isn't the same thing and marvel at how they managed to drag that out into two hours. I thought the book was crap by the way.

Ledger also starred in the new Batman movie, which I'm itching to see because I'm a huge Joker fan. Anyway, the antics of the Westboro Baptist Church are pretty standard. They protest anything having to do with death and homosexuality. It's pretty fucked up, actually, but they always manage to stay in the right as far as the law. If memory serves, the church is primarily made up of one guy and his extended family. A bunch of them are lawyers, who do little more than keep the one guy out of jail.

Man... you got to wonder what Sunday morning services are like at this place. I'd put five bucks in the collection plate just to hear them sing their anti-sodomy songs of faith and renewal.

It's fringe nutjobs like this who make it so difficult for most people to embrace any kind of organized religion.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Oh my gosh... that is so stupid. He just played a character who was gay. Not that it would make their protest any more "right" if he were gay in real life, though. Maybe someday, someone can figure out how to stop these intolerant idiots from adding more grief to an already grief-filled day.

iremonger said...

The Westboro folks used to have a godhatesireland website because we supported the sodomites somehow. I got Brokeback Mountain from the library... I think it's worth watching though depressing.

The Film Geek said...

Sometimes I wish there was really a hell, so that folks like this would could be tortured in cruel and unusual ways.

primalscreamx said...

From a healthy (ho, ho ain't I superior?) Buddhist perspective, they already are being tortured by their attachment and will continue to be tortured for their karma.

But this is all if I'm right and they're wrong.

Elvis Drinkmo said...

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the Westboro Baptist freaks when they carried their "miners in hell" and "brokeback mountaineer" signs to Upshur County. Good thing for them, we're a lot better than the stereotypes would have everyone believe.

Karma, indeed, Primalscreamx. They're going to get there's one way or another.

Rob said...

Have you actually heard their songs? They have enormous potential to be (unintentionally) hilarious, but unfortunately the few I heard sounded like a bunch of mongoloids gargling dicks, which pretty much ruined any humor that could have been found. Phelps should invest in better production equipment. I didn't even know phonographs could record mp3s.

primalscreamx said...

I would love to hear an album of these whackjobs.

Rob said...

Click here to enjoy the audio offerings of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Hear favorites like "God Hates America," "O Wicked Land of Sodomites," and "You're a Filthy Flag."

I've only listened to one or two, but...WOW.