Friday, January 11, 2008

Dumb things.

I am working out the details, but I've decided to get involved with the Polar Plunge thing over at Appalachian Power Park. Basically, I'm going to jump in an icy cold pool and flail around. This is all for a good cause, to help raise money for the Special Olympics.

Those of you who made it through the "puzzle piece" blog posts back in October know I have a daughter with Autism. She has taken part in the Olympics several times and I like the overall program. For those of you who didn't get through the puzzle piece blog posts before they were reduced to digital ash, my daughter has autism and she takes part in the Special Olympics.

Really, all this pretend do-goodery aside, the Polar Plunge is just another opportunity for me to legitimately make an ass of myself with both the blessing and encouragement of my employer. My peeps who read this will know I do not need much encouragement. Jumping into freezing cold water in the middle of winter sounds just like my kind of fun. There might be a t-shirt in this for me and if I'm lucky, a case of pneumonia.

To the best of my knowledge, I am the only Charleston area blogger willing to do this. This statement is not meant so much as a challenge to the rest of my keyboard jockey brethren, but as a simple nyah, nyah, nu-nyah-nyah. There's a link through my other blog, which if you follow the link will eventually get you there to register if you want. It will also jack up my hit count over at the Gazz, which will make my editor touch his nipples and smile.

If you are interested in supporting my run to freeze by balls off and raise money for special needs kids, send me an email and I'll send you an address, plus who to make the check out to.

Some might be wondering if I'm going to go the full Nature Boy Ric Flair and wear a speedo. Due to the dimensions of the speedo, the level of my personal furriness and the very likelihood temporary shrinkage, um... no. I will not be wearing a speedo. Probably. Probably, I will not be wearing a speedo.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Brrrr. Good luck - Get pics!

Buzzardbilly said...

I think you should only go with the speedo if you can get the Mrs. to whip up one of those robes like Nature Boy is wearing in the picture. That thing would take some time to make even with an electric bedazzler.

Anonymous said...

They often called him Speedo, but his real name was Little Bill.

Please reconsider the pic request.

WV.Hillbilly said...

You will, however, go "Whoooooooooo".