Monday, September 27, 2010

The wasteland

It's been a good day. That interview I've been busting my ass to get for the last couple weeks appears to be coming through. I'm on the review for Sheryl Crow Thursday night, which is a show I kind of want to see. This morning, I received, not one, but three indie rocker CDs --two of which I want to hear and one I wouldn't mind giving a listen. I also found some more change. I am endlessly finding pennies, dimes and nickels.

I feel very, very lucky.

At the library, I loaded up on a bunch of comic books (graphic novels) I've wanted to read, plus a couple of books of poetry that look intriguing. I also walked away with "Up In The Air," a movie I wanted to see, and a funny book about a booze filled drive across Australia --which, quite frankly, is a book I want to write.

I've always thought I had one great road trip story in me. I just haven't gotten around to living it.

I feel more creative than I have in months, wrote a massive number of words on my current writing project over the weekend and think the story is advancing to a satisfying conclusion. The new book is mainstream enough to reach a real audience, I think.

There are lots of good things going on with me. Some of them are surprises. Most of them are delights. None of them make me happy.

All I can figure is that mid-life crisis I was joking about a few months back? Well, maybe it wasn't so much of a joke.

What a cliche.


Anonymous said...

Endlessly finding pennies, dimes and nickels? What do you think this means?

primalscreamx said...

If I want to take it as a sign, it can only mean one thing, "change," but whether I need to change, make a change or change is coming --I don't know.

Anonymous said...

I too find a lot of change. Always saw it as "luck" (find a penny pick it up...). Will consider "change" next time.