Sunday, September 19, 2010


A friend of mine, who I just said I wasn't going to mention in my blog, brought up the subject of my goals list, which I have been categorically ignoring while I've been busy selling blood, eating at a soup kitchen and working on a novel.

All she did was ask how that was going and it started me thinking. Well, how has that been going?

Honestly, some hits and misses. I'm still writing to my Grandma, though not every week. I forget to buy stamps. I do go to the gym, but I can't say it's been focused or I've been eating right. The soup kitchen stuff threw me off and I haven't gotten back into the swing of things. This would mean project Captain America has been on the skids.

I can fix that.

Also, I can say I've read 12 crap books by now, but not 12 good ones. There is still time to work on that as well.

I'm not making enough money, but that's my own fault. I've either declined or pretty obviously sabotaged two separate job opportunities which would have increased my income by about 10K per year.

I guess I kind of like being poor. It's fun. It makes me happy.

I haven't done much to try and get published, though I did contact one agent about a non-fiction book proposal and I am waist deep in a novel. My aforementioned friend, who I said I would not blog about, has been instrumental in keeping me going with encouragement, interest and inspiration. She has been fantastic.

I have high hopes of finishing the current book in the next two weeks, start revisions then look back over the last book I finished. She's given me some ideas on that one, too.

I feel productive.

No escapes. I haven't gotten away, took no vacation and have been mostly chained to my desk since the beginning of the year. There is little hope of that changing.

Otherwise, things are looking up.

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