Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blood: New Order

It turns out the company that runs the plasma center has been purchased by another plasma center (or gobbled up, if you will). The change happens later this week. So, as I asked one of the milkers about it.

"Any major changes?"

"Not really," he said. "They're going to start paying out with checks instead of cash."

"Checks?" I asked.

"Yeah. For our clients (bleeders) who don't have checking accounts, they can cash them at Sav-a-lot and we'll cover the dollar fee."

I frowned. That's a hassle, but I understand the reasoning. They're probably worried about liability and somebody getting mugged in the parking lot over 25 bucks --which isn't entirely unlikely.

I guess I don't mind it. The cash was convenient --just go to the nearest grocery store and spend, but it's not like I've stopped needing the money. So... whatever.

"They're also going to offer some new programs."

"What kind of programs?"

"Different types of plasma."

"Oh, like strawberry, cherry and banana plasma?"

He laughed. Smart ass.

"Yeah, something like that."

I have some idea about what these might be. He was talking about other blood products, some of them are enhanced by things like antibiotics, maybe steroids (Hulk smash!) which they inject into the bleeder beforehand to help create natural immunities or whatever. From what I understand they offer more money since it probably increases some sort of risk of dying young and painfully.

I'll have to see what happens. Hell, it would the first raise I've had in a while.

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