Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blood: a list

Some numbers and notes...

$3.99 Watermelon (I hate watermelon. My father has occasionally doubted my paternity based on this fact, but it's watermelon weather. The family loves it)
$8.99 Purina Dog Food (We get good stuff. The silly dog won't eat the other)
$1.83 Two gold pears (Shop with a four year-old, expect negotiations)
$3.51 Five Red delicious apples (I will be lucky to get two of the five)
$2.50 Hot Pocket (Not mine)
$0.99 Dozen eggs (A family staple when we get tired of beans)
$1.50 Sharp Cheddar Cheese
$3.18 Two tubes of breakfast sausage (marked down. They go great with beans)
$3.19 Gallon 2 percent milk

Some deductions...
(free eggs coupon)
($3 dog food coupon)

Total: 27.88
What selling plasma pays on your first visit: $30
Am I a little creeped out to have bought dog food and a hot pocket with my blood? Yes. I think that's fair to say.

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Buzzardbilly said...

You're both breaking my heart and reminding me of the Henry Rollins bit about being in a convenience store behind a woman who was buying beer, smokes, and tampons. She didn't have enough change for it all, so she put back the tampons. That Hot Pocket's looking like a good choice in comparison.