Monday, June 28, 2010

Blood: Cars

Just a small observation, but at the plasma center, you can sort of see how the place divides up between the bleeders (people like me) and the milkers (the employees) in the parking lot. Bleeders park closer toward the main entrances, while the milkers park further, presumably to an employee entrance.

The cars are different, too. I just noticed this, but Bleeder cars are almost always American models --a lot of full-sized Chevy sedans, Ford Vans and the occasional truck. I also spotted a pretty sweet looking Lincoln Town car, which seemed wildly out of place. Only a few economy cars, however, --I have one --and no real imports. Among the bleeders, I don't recall seeing a Toyota, Honda or Hyundai.

Bleeders also ride bikes. There's almost always a bike outside waiting outside the front door.

Among the milkers, there appears to be more variety, with more imports and a couple of vehicles bordering on sports cars --not so many Chevy products, however. The cars are also generally newer and in better repair.

What does this tell me? What has always been apparent, it's better to be a milker than a bleeder.

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