Thursday, May 26, 2011

Say cheese

Today is all about beginnings. I went ahead and threw my hat in the ring for the film challenge thing. More than a couple of people have pushed me forward to give it a shot --what the hell, right? I'm also meeting with someone to talk about the poetry slam idea --just to see what kind of resources I might have at my disposal to make this happen. I sent off the check that should help us finally get to the next phase of purchasing a house --that's a funny thing in and of itself. I'm not doing this for me, but I am doing it.

There is the idea that the things you should do should be effortless if they're right. The path tends to open up become easier when you're where you should be, not because it's well-traveled, but because it's the path that fits your stride.

The great discussion in the back of my head is always whether there is such a thing as free-will or are we all just following a piece of track we have no hope of escaping. Honestly, I can't tell any more. Some days, the things I want seem so far away --are so far away. Yet, often, I am offered reasonable alternatives that are pleasant enough.

So, I will do what I can, I suppose. I will own a house with a yard. I will make a movie that only a handful of people will see, but will be a cute diversion for some, and I will try to start a poetry slam that will help somebody find their voice. These are all noble things, I think, honorable things.

Maybe I can have what I want later.

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