Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It was a funny weekend. My passport arrived and along with it the possibility of becoming a flight risk. Next, I need a destination and the means to get there. Russia, Asia, Europe and even South Africa sound kind of cool. I'd even be tempted to see Egypt. I'd love to visit South America, but I don't know --too many stories of Americans getting dragged off into the mountains by kidnappers--of course, that might not be so bad.

The other thing is the guy sleeping across the street from the radio station moved on. I don't know if the cops rousted him, the building owner got tired of seeing him there or if he just found a better place to sleep. With a little luck, he's simply got a better place to go than an entryway of an old building.

As part of the blog, I'm bringing back my half-assed book reports. I still read tons. Currently, I'm working on a couple of books by Noam Chomsky, some poetry anthologies and another attempt at Wallace's "Infinite Jest." I found it tedious and disjointed last time and quit after about 30 pages, but so far, so good.

Staying away from Facebook has been good for my soul. It just became too lonesome.

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Escape from the prison planet...