Monday, May 2, 2011

Digital Kiss Off

It's not a big thing, but I'm going to be stepping away from Facebook --or as much as I can. I blog for the man now --my fault, my idea and it was a good idea --and I kind of need Facebook as a platform to chuck random bits of information out to the masses (since the man is not really all that interested in promoting my blog).

However, I don't need the updates. I don't need me trying to come up with haiku lines about the latest ache of my withering soul. I don't need to get drawn into discussions that are mostly about me being bored, not actually me interested in the topic. I don't need going through pictures or wandering from page to page looking for answers to questions I don't know how to ask.

Anyway, it's a very shallow platform of expression and like every other overly-refined product (granulated sugar, corn syrup, heroin), it's addictive and damaging --or at least it is for me. Facebook eats up my time, breaks my heart and makes me feel like every worst thing I've ever been. It devours my dignity and trivializes my loneliness, my fears and my successes.

So, I'll be staying away as much as I can --quitting it in as many steps as it takes.

Meanwhile, there's this blog I've been neglecting. Here is where I make my stand, I guess. I'll try not to fuck it up.


Donutbuzz said...

No doubt about it: Facebook killed blogging. It's an efficient platform for sharing photos and quick updates, but I question the real benefit of scrolling through snippets of crap as opposed to reading lengthier, more substantive blog know, like the ones you give us here. I guess it's all part of The Man's plan to rewire our brains so that we can't focus too long on anything just like Kurt Vonnegut predicted in "Harrison Bergeron."

I'm trying to keep my own blog going, but I find it tough when most of our blogging community just cares about Facebook.

Autumn Dawn said...

I totally feel ya. I've been off FB since Good Friday & I still find my brain thinking in snipets or FB worthy photos & captions.

I feel slightly disconnected but that sense of connection FB provides is so false. Of my hundreds of "friends" only a handful even realized I deactivated.

I hope my blog (and my real writing) benefits from the boiling turmoil in my brain but so far no go. I feel my self in a funk of self-obsession.


primalscreamx said...

For anyone looking for an audience, I think now is the time to strike. Lots of people are looking for something more substantial, for something closer to humanity than what you get through the limited post platforms.

Keep on blogging. Blog daily if you can, but blog often. The crowd will come --if that's what you want. It doesn't hurt to link facebook to you blog. Use the machinery. My blog for the man uses it and so far the powers that be are fine with that. Eventually, people may come to that blog on their own.

Do short blog posts if that's what you're at right now. Think of it as weights.

Anyway, just suggestions.