Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tasks: Five

I think I've got a fair number of tasks and resolutions ahead of me. This last one, however, isn't about achieving much, just making some time.

Life is complicated, but what I really want this year is one good bottle split with a couple of friends. Finding the friends isn't so difficult, but getting the right bottle of whiskey might take some time.

It's also a heck of a lot easier than getting beaten up.

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zen said...

I will start the recommendation list. Dead Guy Whiskey by Rogue Distilleries. Very pleasant complex whiskey that is a variant on their Dead Guy Ale recipe. Tastes of a MUCH more expensive drink. I'm not a rum kinda guy but their spiced rum is absolutely phenomenal too. It's also hard to beat Woodford Reserve or Bookers. I know they're not exotic, but they are perennially rated among the world's best and I can attest that they are truly great bourbons.