Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As my training for a rough and rowdy brawls continues, I happened upon some a press release for one of these fights in Huntington. It was very helpful and gave me an idea of what I might be facing.

To compete in the light heavyweight class, I need to be under 184 pounds. The heavyweight class, by the way is for guys 185 to 400 pounds. I imagine if you get past 400 pounds, they have a special Sumo class where the winner gets to eat one of the losers of the middleweight division (under 159 pounds).

The middleweight division is completely impossible. To get there, I'd have to saw a leg off and become a vegetarian. Neither are likely to happen, though I am partial to salads.

What is troubling, however, the results on the fax list the height of the fighters. I can do a lot of things to prepare. I can lose weight. I can get stronger and faster, but I can't get taller. The winners for each of these fights was at least 5'11". No big surprise. Tall guys with a reach tend to knock around hobbits like me.

I'm 5'7", but I'm not planning on winning, so it hardly matters, but I'd really like to make my opponent earn it.


zen said...

I've been thinking hard about this quandary since you started talking about fighting. It's a hard limitation to overcome, but not impossible. I have ideas. And speed and wind are critical.

Mike Spain said...

Let me know when and where your bought is, and I will try to come down and buy you a beer win, lose, or draw.