Saturday, January 23, 2010


I can't say I'm completely surprised Andy Dick ran into trouble in Huntington. I can say he sounded sane and sober on the phone, but when I spoke to him, it was late morning, he was at home with his kids, discussing a shopping list with his live-in ex-girlfriend.

For what it's worth, I'd hoped he really was clean and not crazy. If he really did grab a couple of guys' crotches in a bar and try to make out with one of them, this doesn't sound sane or sober. It doesn't even sound funny --except in a "glad it wasn't my crotch" kind of way.

No doubt, Andy Dick is one of the most annoying comedians who has ever drawn breath. He's risky and risque (and not necessarily in a fun way), but some of those risks have worked out. He can be very funny, but he's also a human wrecking ball. It's impossible to ignore the number of dead people who may have been influenced by his presence in their lives.

Yet, he's got his friends. Ben Stiller and the Frat Pack seem to let him into their movies from time to time.

Funny thing. After we'd done our little interview, he'd made a predictable, but still gracious offer to let me come to the show and maybe hang out a little after. It wasn't anything specific. He didn't suggest we do lines of coke and go set fire to the nearest library. I could come up after and we could talk and hang out. It was a nice enough offer, but I tossed my usual, "I'd love to, but I'm not sure what I have to do yet" line, not that I ever intended to drive to Huntington.

I didn't have anything against seeing up close what he was about. You can only get so much from a ten minute phone conversation and I am, by nature, a man curious about people, but my car's exhaust pipe has a hole in it. I can't afford to repair it yet. Driving farther than fifteen minutes gets downright annoying.

So, I was never going to go. My dumb luck, I guess.

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