Saturday, September 19, 2009

Waiting on Bucky

Since Bucky is making me wait this morning, I thought I'd blog about the waiting. One of the things that comes with what I do is waiting around. Phone interviews with the superfamous, famous or marginally well-known are often exercises in patience. On a good day, it's waiting to to hear something new --and I look for the new --about life, the universe and everything. And really, some of the people I speak with, bring me little insights into how the world I observe operates. They are not always aware they're doing this, even when I tell them.

On a bad day, it's kind of like fishing for assholes.

I don't know what today is going to be. I do know I probably should have heard from somebody about ten minutes ago. I'm not annoyed yet, but then again, I have something to keep me occupied.

The worst is waiting around and reading the press materials. By the way, most promotional materials about your average artist aren't worth pissing on. They seem to have gotten worse in the last few years. Once, the bios were actually mini-biographies, gave you some scope and idea of who these people were, what they might be about. Now, they're mostly about whatever new song has been squirted out. The intention might be talking about the single is somehow revealing of the artists, but really could you figure Freddie Mercury out just on the basis of "Fat Bottomed Girls?"

I don't think so.

Well, so he didn't call and I didn't hear from his publicist --who was cool enough to schedule an interview on Saturday, but apparently isn't working on Saturday herself. I could wait around for another thirty minutes. Maybe somebody would call by then, but that's sort of silly and degrading. If he wanted to do this, he'd have already called. There will be an apology later on and an excuse, which will strain the limits of casual credibility. There always is.

We'll get back to business later on. Meanwhile, the weather looks nice and I am looking forward to my Saturday afternoon nap. Maybe I'll figure out how to get that nine inch nails CD out of my car stereo player. Oh, the possibilities...

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Buzzardbilly said...

Really, "Fat Bottomed Girls" was key to understanding Freddie Mercury. LMAO

Call me silly, but I would think Bucky would be chomping at the bit for good publicity. Please at least tell us that the publicist sounded like or acted like Joey's agent on "Friends." Lie if must because I like to think of that character as the benchmark for all sortabees (not really wannabees and not really nobodies).

I napped after the Mothman Festival. I love napping.