Monday, September 28, 2009

Project Captain America-update

The project is moving along very well. Physically, I've improved dramatically. No more getting out of breath chasing up the stairs. No more aching joints because my blood pressure is up. I feel stronger. I'm wearing old clothes and even they're starting to get kinda loose.

This is a very nice feeling.

On the positives, a few people have noticed I'm looking better. They've been cool about letting me know, which is helpful to my self-esteem and obviously flabby ego.

On the negatives, I have reached the weight where I become a magnet for elderly gay men. This has happened before and would be great --if I were gay and liked older men. I've always thought of myself as more of a fan of younger women, but none of them seem to have taken by the middle-aged guy in the gym shorts. Of course, the gym where I work out only has maybe two younger women who ever stop by. Most of the women are my mother's age.

My basic plan for all of this is pretty simple: I eat whatever I want, as long as what I want is vegetables, meat and fruit. No rice, no potatoes, no pasta and very little bread. I have to watch it on the cheese and peanut butter, which are okay, but calorie dense.

My meals aren't complicated. If it features more than a couple of ingredients, I don't bother. The more complicated you make something, the more likely it is to add on the pounds. My guiding thought is if it comes in a box, I probably don't need it.

Really, it's not so bad and I can have a beer every now and again.

I'm exercising 4 to 5 times per week at just over an hour a day. I'm pushing toward a full 90 minutes per day and hope to figure out shit to do on the weekends that involves getting out of the house more.

I have a long ways to go and completely unrealistic expectations. I'm right at 225 pounds --I don't look it. Evidently, my liver is cast iron. The computer says I should be around 135 to 160, depending on the site and whatever modifiers. I haven't weighed 135 pounds since I was in the 8th grade. 160 was about 10th grade. I'm shooting for 180 pounds by Christmas--which was my playing weight for soccer my senior year, before I discovered Marlboro reds, Chinese buffets and the magic of black out binge drinking.

3 months and 45 pounds to go and at the end I get a tattoo or an Oprah special --whichever.


eclectic guy said...


For two guys that love Chinese as much as we do, you and I doing really well; especially you.

I weighed myself this morning at 215,but it is really off. I think it is off by maybe 10lbs. The good thing is that I started at 226!

I haven't completely cut out carbs, but fat, salt, high calorie, sweets and even alcohol are verbotten.

primalscreamx said...

I started at 260. That's where I was in May. Jeez, I was sick.

eclectic guy said...

Sorry, that 226 was scale at home. 236 more accurate number.