Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Sorry, this is from last week. I have two for this week, I'll get to tomorrow.

Endpoint: John Updike -Author John Updike is a writer's writer and really one of the greats of the 20th Century. His work was consistently good and he was prolific --I am in awe of the guy for a lot of different reasons. Endpoint is a collection of his poems, his last poems as he was facing down the final years of his life. They're occasionally melancholy or nostalgic, but often still very much engaged with the business of living. Not his finest work, but still very nice.

Manhattan Loverboy: Arthur Nersesian -One of the strangest books I've read this year, which might be saying something. It's basically a convoluted revenge story, told with unlikable and barely sympathetic characters. I laughed some, but really, I think I probably should look up this author's magnum opus "The Fuck-up."

A Writer's Guide To Fiction: Elizabeth Lyons -A book for struggling novelists or even just people interested in the craft. Lyons comes highly recommended (Chuck Pahlaniuk) and I dug it. Maybe it's just having a dialog going about writing in my head or maybe it's what she actually has to say, but I'm feeling better about the writing I'm doing.

It's the first book from the library I've read this year, I bought before I even finished reading it. I got a used copy for six buck on Alibris online. It should be here by sometime this week and I plan to re-read it immediately.

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