Friday, May 29, 2009

Support the cause

Becca is a struggling comic strip and pin-up artist, bookstore employee and fellow blogger --no, she's not in West Virginia, but I do read her blog and like her work. Over the last three years or so since I started going to her blog, I've really dug her work --and the occasionally pervy girlie pics she puts up. She also writes some decent geek culture stuff dealing with horror movies, comic books-- stuff like that.

Anyway, Becca is trying to get to a comic book convention to set up her wares, make connections and you know... basically, make her dreams come true. Naturally, I support this. Her problem, like mine, is she's broke. So, I'm going to buy one of her robot prints. Hell, I might buy two. Meanwhile, I'm going to encourage the (shake magic 8-ball) 9 readers I have to go take a look at her website. I do not recommend you look at the site at work. Becca occasionally posts naked pictures she's drawn and pictures of women she admires. You get used to it, but your supervisor might not really get that it's not a sex site.

If the spirit moves you, contribute or buy something. If not, no loss.

Here is the blog.

1 comment:

zen said...

Doin' my part. Been looking for an excuse to get a commission from her for a while anyway.
Thanks for the tip.