Friday, May 1, 2009

Cardboard boxes

Jesus, you'd think after all this time of working two jobs there would come a point when the first of the month wasn't pure agony. I can't remember the last time the cash was there when it needed to be.

Today, I found out there was an issue with my second job. Apparently, I didn't turn in a time sheet almost a month ago, which nobody (particularly me) caught. It was just something else that slipped through another crack. I ought to get a bonus for helping to find these cracks. I'm good at it.

I like the radio gig. It's quiet and nice to have a couple of hours to myself every week. The work isn't difficult and really, I look forward to it by the end of the week. The downside is the money isn't much and you're expected to tolerate a certain amount of institutional weirdness from the apparatus. I like a lot of the people I work with over there and vaguely believe in what they do, but it's days like today I wish I could just go back to slinging coffee. It had its own set of headaches, but money was never one of them.

So, the rent gets paid late again. The phones stay off for another week or two, but I bought groceries. Nobody goes hungry. The kids never go without milk, bread or toilet paper. The cats have something to shit on. I read, write and wait, then go through it all over again in the middle of the month.

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