Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Novel update.

Yeah, like every other blogger who has ever fessed up to writing something, my novel editing and repairs is coming along fine, but slowly.

I originally intended to unleash it on the vast and disinterested publishing industry at the end of this month. As usual, I'm running behind. It will likely be another two weeks or so.

What's the hold up?

Mostly, it's been about lining up the 'set pieces' the way I want them. It was a plot issue, but in reordering things, it necessitated having to rewrite passages to conform. It's time consuming, but not a story killer.

I still have my ending, which does not change. Much of the third act remains the same, too. So... it's not a terrible thing.

Meanwhile, I've been encouraged to submit the novel (which is still not exactly named) for the West Virginia Writers competition. Apparently, I don't actually need to have a completed novel, just a couple thousand words and a treatment of what I'm doing. I might even thrown in a few recipes cards to really screw with the judges.

I'm at the point now where I have a lot of good ideas for other writing projects. I've had tons of great ideas for months, but I'm not chasing any of them.

I have decided, however, my next writing project is going to be take an old genre fiction novel I wrote and basically rewrite it. It's a horror novel I did 9 years ago I called 'The Undertaker,' about a legend from the hollers that comes to life. With a little luck, it will be fast work. After it's done, I'll see if I can get someone in the state to publish it.

Hell, who knows... it might even work out.

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