Sunday, December 9, 2007


This is an annual list. I'd link back to all the silly things I've made resolutions for in the past, but I've erased my past, which isn't such a bad thing when you want to make changes.

8 things for 2008.

1-I want to publish my novel. Another fifteen thousand words and the first draft should be finished. I'm at approximately 66,000 words. The thing should be ready to edit just in time for Christmas.

2-To be able to support my family with one job.

3-To get in reasonable shape to play soccer in the Spring. That means I have to quit smoking again and go to the gym on a more regular basis.

4-Take my kind of vacation. Lots to do. Very little rest, but the satisfaction of having done something besides cleaned the house halfway decent.

5-Do a better job keeping up with my Dad, my Mom, my sisters and my grandmother. My father, who is possibly reading this, may be saying hallelujah and yeah, right. He has good reason to doubt me. I say this every year. Gonna try it again.

6-Make a giant leap forward on the journalism thing.

7-Be a bit more active in my own life. I've sort of gotten a bit passive, kept my mouth shut or blogged cryptically about some inner issue. That's just not healthy and not fair to the people around me who have to deal with the inevitable fall-out.

8-Make it a good year.

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zen said...

in regards to number 3, if you do it, so will i.