Friday, October 22, 2010

Emo McSourpuss

Things should be great.

Work is going well. Some of the stories I wrote this past week I'm sort of proud of. On a side note, one of the elderly gay men who stares at me at the gym is now following my work. It troubles him that I talk to musicians when I should be doing something more meaningful. He wants to bring me some books to read.

I think he means well by it. Still, I will draw the line at dinner and dancing.

I applied for a scholarship to go to a drug addiction workshop for journalists in San Diego. The subject is interesting and I've never been to San Diego. It could be fun. I love anything that sounds like a new experience. Mountain Stage is going to Scotland and I'm already working on trying to find a seat to that --it's a tall order, for sure. I don't know if I can make that happen, but I've occasionally accomplished things nobody, including me, thought were possible.

These are things that could work out.

My current writing project is going well. I'm almost to the end of what is really a fresh first draft and I know what to do next.

I'm losing weight and shaping up. After a couple of weeks of eating and drinking whatever was available and whenever the mood hit, I've managed to ratchet back, get it back under control. I haven't had a drink in almost two weeks, not that I have a problem. I have also not had a cheeseburger in almost two weeks, not that I have a problem.

I'm lifting weights and swimming most mornings. My clothes are getting loose again, particularly around the middle.

I'm studying my Buddhist writings again. I may even give meditation another shot. It's been a while. That feels good to be looking in that direction again.

The dog has neither pissed or shit on me in several months.

I'm reading interesting things. I picked up a book about human sexual behavior called "Sex at dawn." It's about evolution and social theory and basically positions the idea that we're not specifically hard-wired to be a monogamous creature, but rather we're designed for a kind of limited promiscuity.

The book is interesting, but really isn't all that groundbreaking.

That all sounds great, right?

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