Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reports from the trenches.

One of the great things about what I do is how my writing touches lives, how it changes people, brings hope and even encourages them to reach out --because, after all, we're all just part of one big tribe.

Last week, I wrote a story about Free Comic Book Day, which may eventually become a state holiday. There aren't enough in May. If you look at the calendar, you can see May's holidays are a little sparse.

I was glad to do it because I'm trendy. I believe in Free Comic Book Day and the opportunity to get a bunch of anything free. I am ever hopeful the booze community will come up with free bourbon day --preferably June 18. Someone should start a petition. I will sign it.

Anyway, I wrote the story, explained what it was about and we sent a photographer to shoot a picture. To keep the story's human side intact, we shot a picture of Jess wearing a FCBD shirt and posing with comics or something (I dunno. I wasn't paying attention). We ran the story and the results were fantastic.

Jess got a letter from a nearby prison from 37 year-old Donnie. Donnie was wrongfully convicted of assault and robbery, is a motorcycle enthusiast, and likes to cook. He enjoys riding his bike (which, evidently he will have to replace since he apparently no longer owns the bike he had before he was wrongfully arrested for stealing and beating on someone), getting his body pierced and writing to anonymous females whose picture gets in the paper.

Kinda sweet. He wanted to know if she was married, had been married, etc, etc, etc... He said he was going to write again.

So... the upside. My writing is reaching readers I never dreamed we had. The downside, women's prisons probably get the Daily Mail.

I should talk to circulation.


Anonymous said...

haha it'd be interesting to talk to circ. and see exactly who all is signed up for the paper and doesn't even know they're signed up. haha. and the daily mail? hey, they'll take it any way they can get it.

namor rules all y'all said...

there's a comic book store in c-town? since when?!

zen said...

Namor: We've been at it for about 8 months. Stop and see us.
Bill: He was only appealing the robbery. The assault apparently had merit.

primalscreamx said...

Indeed, it is a most decent comic shop. They've got (well, had) Hellboy BRPD rings and tons of stuff to obsess over.
And about the dude, I dunno. I think he's probably just trying to come off as not the needy type.

namor rules all y'all said...

419 on the west...that's just embarassing!

stopped by too early this AM...i'll be back for sure :D