Friday, May 14, 2010

No plans

I'm working on some kind of list for things to do this summer other than endlessly remove fallen tree limbs and pick up dog shit in my yard. I turn 40 in a little over a month --and yes, every year I get sort of bent out of shape about my birthday whether I mean to or not.

Still, it seems like I ought to have some sort of plan besides work, more work and a little more work. I could look at my list of goals and tasks. Most of them are coming along more or less. I could do more at the gym and work harder on my book, but I guess I'm just looking for a few more laughs and something unexpected.

Suggestions are welcome, I suppose. God knows I don't have any ideas.


dirrrty larry said...

Top Four Reasons Mr. Lynch Should Take Up Skateboarding For The Summer

4. keeps you young...and flexible. the ladies like the flexible.

3. you get to say shit like "rad" and "awesome" all the time

2. i'll have another old man to skate with...or at least point to and shake my head sadly.

1. guys your age who can't skate will look at you with disgust...while their ladies are wishing their man could skate.

c'mon Mr. Lynch!

WVRockscene! said...

yeah not only that, you get to slam/throw your board as hard and as far as possible whenever you get mad!