Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It's important to stay in the moment. Looking too far ahead, hoping and planning, is mostly self-destructive. You build up what you hope will happen and when it doesn't, you're crushed. This is my experience.

Still, without much effort, next summer is trying to shape up into something. The All Good Festival was sort of a failure for me this year. Next year, it might not be. I'm certainly considering how to approach it again.

I'm also getting into shape. I've dropped a few pounds --not a lot of weight, but enough to feel much, much better. Project Captain America By Christmas is starting to show results (though really, I have no plans to get a pair of tights or a shield to carry around --just get as healthy as I can). So, it might be possible for me to do something physically competitive next year. I'm still researching events, looking for something that seems kind of fun and offbeat.

Meanwhile, I think I've come up with a particularly diabolical way to make money (legally) and potentially get paid for writing about it. It's absolutely appalling in a ghoulish sort of way.

The money could be the means to afford an actual vacation, a little excursion somewhere --next year. There will be no vacations this year, campers. The piggy bank was turned into sausage back into June.

Anyway, I'm staying in the moment, but considering that my next summer might have some promise.


Anonymous said...

Staying in the moment seems to be the theme of this summer.

eclectic guy said...

Our finanaces went tits up as our house payment increased by over 300 bucks. That fucked every budget plan I had. No vaco for us.

I teach over at UC during the year. How did you find out about that job? Fuck, I need to do something as well. Been trying the playing thing and got a few extra potatoes this month. Thank God.