Thursday, April 2, 2009

Not making a big deal out of this...

I just completed my second letter to my grandmother.

I am lousy about keeping in touch. Part of it is self-imposed exile. Old friends, family, most of them get I've taken a big step back. It really has to be this way, if not for them, but for me.

I'm not fond of telephones and besides, the reception at my house sucks. So, I've been trying to write a bit lately. I've sent a bunch of e-mails to my family, mostly babbling about this whole house buying thing. It's just noise to let them know I'm alive, that I'm doing something. I'm also writing my grandmother. I figured it was better than a call. She's in her 80s, isn't computer literate, as far as I know, and probably doesn't get much mail.

Two letters... I figure if I can try to read 100 books in a year, two books a week, the least I can do is send one letter a week. I don't expect her to write back. Maybe it's kind of outreach blogging.

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