Friday, July 11, 2008

mile marker

In my line of work, you never know who you're going to meet. So far, I've met rock stars, comedians and the occasional actor. My favorite interviews have often been with people nobody is much impressed with. I still dig I got to talk to Mark Hamill and the poet Nikki Giovanni. They rate up there in my top ten, along with George Carlin, Paul Thorn and Arlo Guthrie.

It's all a matter of taste.

What always surprises me is what impresses other people. I can never tell.

So, I went out and talked to a wrestler. She goes by the name Beth Phoenix. I don't necessarily remember her, but I don't watch a lot of television. I don't have cable and tend to stick to Netflix or the public library. I'm not a snob, just poor. Cable is 30 to 40 bucks a month. Netflix is 15. The library is even cheaper.

Anyway, Phoenix was a nice surprise. She was personable, friendly and charming. Only the fact she had arms like a pair of boa constrictors gave away she was who she was. It was an easy interview. She had a lot to say, but not a lot of time to say it.

But I got back to the office. There were phone calls and e-mails from folks who were really into me talking to the wrestler girl. One of these people is a guy who regularly spends time with the mostly famous and sometimes absurdly wealthy. It turns out he's a fan, which is too bad. If I'd known, I'd have invited him along. He could have spotted her on the bench press or something.

Meanwhile, here's the next best thing... Some video stuff. She puts me in some kind of headlock. Everyone was real disappointed when she wouldn't pick me up and drop me on my thick skull. I'd have probably had to sign something for the insurance company.

Maybe next time.


Jackie said...

Best. Video. Ever.

Seriously, you've got my e-mail. I'll give my digits too, just in case. So how about letting a brutha know next time? :D

The Film Geek said...

Damn, I'm now a fan too!

Wv Sky said...

Today I was standing behind her as she was waiting to get into her limo. She was wearing a slinky black see-through dress that was SO see through that I could plainly see her thong. It-was-beautiful.