Thursday, July 31, 2008

Inside Baseball

I'm in for a weird day... My wife is due in court today to deal with the usual crap concerning our daughter's visits with her low-grade evil father. That always has repercussions for the rest of us. She doesn't like the guy. To be fair, she doesn't much like me. She condemns my cooking as crap. It irritates her when I wear short sleeve shirts or eat in front of her. She doesn't like that I'm broke or that I tell her not do half a million things you tell kids not to do in the house, but she outright loathes him. He is the bringer of nightmares and fear. Until he is again gone and far from her sight and mind, she won't feel safe. Nothing will be right and the best I can do, the only thing I can do, is to try and stay out of her way.

Meanwhile, back at the office, some nut has already called to complain about our Multifest coverage and my little article. They objected to the monkey. Truth be told, it would have been nice to talk to someone appearing during the weekend, but nobody was available. Publicists didn't return calls. Artists didn't answer e-mails. There wasn't much leverage. Hell, I'd have been happy to talk to the monkey and not just about the monkey. Fuck...

On the upside, he eventually did call back, once he realized nobody was saying the people were monkeys, but that a monkey was going to be there. High entertainment, folks. They're going to have a monkey.

So, everyone should bring their kids... Just a weird day.


Anonymous said...

I saw that call coming a mile away when I read the article. (Actually I saw many calls). Dont you know that you cannot print ANY article that includes Blacks and monkeys in the same sentence... no matter that it's totally innocent and part of the story?

primalscreamx said...

Nah, we just got the one guy, which I laughed about. It was pretty obviously a knee-jerk reaction, though I didn't expect it. I blame the headline, which was probably a no-win situation.

I'll pay attention to the vent line for a couple of days. It might get people off Football for a day or two.

Lynda said...

Could be worse. We once had a summer intern who wrote a headline for a feature article on a female high school athlete: "So-and-so swings both ways"

In any event, I wanted to 'delurk' to let you know that I've passed on a blog award to you.

Keep plugging.