Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gentle Ben

Here's something I sent to Ben Affleck's publicist. Ben and Jen are going to be in town in September to help raise money for U.C. I contacted them back in May, but was told Ben was in Africa... Fabulous... Ben and that conscience of his. After not hearing back from Ken Sunshine (PR dude to the stars and the man with the golden 'no'), I sent another note about the benefit and Mr. Affleck's involvement. This time the no was pretty straightforward. I was going to let it slide, then I remembered Africa...


Not that it means much, and I didn't mention it in my previous e-mail, but Charleston, WV is Jennifer Garner's hometown. We're only asking because we've spoken to Jennifer several times in the past and thought it might be nice to speak to the other-half (so to speak).

I understand he's busy, what with activist trips to Africa and all, but it seems to me --and you may disagree-- it's sort of a cognitive disconnect if he can get to Africa, play poker for Africa, do news pieces for ABC about Africa, but can't find fifteen minutes on the phone to talk to the newspaper in his wife's hometown to help promote a charity event the two of them are hosting.

One of those crazy things I guess I don't understand, but I'm an entertainment writer. There's always plenty for me not to quite get. This may be one of those cases.

Anyway, if he's not doing press, he's not doing press, but I thought I'd mention what I might have left out.

Take care.


I still figure nothing is going to happen. It irritates me because I want to believe in the better nature of some of these people. I'd like to believe guys like Affleck believe in helping others and want to use their celebrity to a good end --if such a thing is even possible. The problem is so few of them are really consistent. They talk about the environment (Leo Dicaprio), then buy islands in Belize to build not-so-little bungalows. They support progressive ideas (Bruce Springsteen), but don't seem to think beyond telling anyone about them other than the same stadiums full of people they've always told.

Rule one to me, I guess, is be consistent about what you believe. It's why I give blood, drive around cancer patients and even give change to people who tell me they're hungry. I'm not saying my occasional projects are equal to attempting to highlight the plight of Africa, only that my actions follow through with what I say. Why tell people here to care about Africa when you don't really care about the people here?

I know the answer, but it's terribly disappointing.


Wv Sky said...

You haven't become disillusioned enough yet, so learn to live by my motto:

Expect very little from people and you'll never be disappointed.

eclectic guy said...


why Affleck at all is my question?

More cache for future interviews?