Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 14

Most of my regulars will know I have a long and tortured history with the holidays. I try awfully hard, spend way too much money, invest far more energy than I need to and usually am lucky to get by only feeling slightly despondent at the end of the day.

Really good holidays or birthdays are hard to come by. So much so, I've tried ignoring them. It doesn't work.

And then I heard about an alternate hobby, one the sanctified Wikipedia won't add because it's in bad taste or something.

If we took a holiday...

So, it's been a particularly trying week. I got lost on my way to pick up my cancer patient this week. Luckily, she canceled exactly five minutes before I was late. That worked out better than I thought it was. My kid took up golf. I'm still having mixed feelings about that. I've been involved in a protracted pissing contest with some particularly dull people I happen to have a few things in common. I am a HUGE fan of "The L Word" and I think Ani Difranco is the coolest, even if she's seeing a guy these days. She's too happy. It bodes badly for her art. Seriously. We sort of talked about that.

But Friday, oh Friday... there's this holiday, this one magical holiday. In all honesty, I realize I'm setting my expectations far too high. Saturday morning, I'll start on laundry. I'll install that nifty little shelf I bought to keep my Buddha statue out of the reach of small hands who tend to confuse icons with big block legos. Maybe my next selection from Netflix will be in. Sure, that will be nice.

Saturday, when Friday is over, I will sigh wistfully and get on with my life.

But today is Thursday.


The Film Geek said...

That's my favorite scene from that movie.

And thanks for the other link! I just emiled the info to my wife, who apparently has not yet heard of this holiday. She'll love it--she digs a big thick steak!

Mr. Chinchilla said...

I'll take mine "well done."

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Is that today? It's Friday. I'm Catholic. No meat on Fridays (of the steak variety - the other one I can handle... hee hee I said "handle"). Maybe I can make it Steak and Blow Job Weekend. I'm giving like that.

primalscreamx said...

Lucky guy.