Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Food Court: Back away from the lunch lady

I've decided to slow down on the visits to Manna Meal. Hands down, it's the most depressing thing I do, but I'm not giving it up. I'm merely trimming back from four or five days each week to one or two. I still eat better there than I do anywhere else, but I needed to remove some of the desperation I was feeling about the place.

And really, it was screwing with my head. Mostly, I think, because the quality and variety of the meals was better than I was making for myself, which can only be depressing.

By the way, I had beans and a little spinach for lunch today.

Also, I was gaining weight by eating at Manna Meal --not a lot of weight, but enough.

I haven't been in a week, but should be sitting down to break bread at the church later this week --maybe Saturday. The grub is better on the weekends and it's pretty good to begin with. The last time I went in, I'd come directly from the plasma center, which seemed to complete the whole nosedive through the bottom layer of humanity kind of thing.

Also, it seemed to help me blend in and that's part of what I'm trying to do: blend in.

It's all part of a larger theme. I'm just not sure what the shape of it is yet.

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