Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I've noticed that the other bloggers are dropping like flies. Even 304 Blogs isn't updating as quickly as they used to. I think the peak oil for blogs might have been reached a while back, since Facebook really took off and now, not as many people are interested in reading the thoughts and misadventures of strangers. Hell no, why not see what stupid thing Bill put up as his status update today. That's way funnier and doesn't take as much time.

Not everybody agrees with me. So, I sought out one of the most revered bloggers in the Charleston blogosphere.

"I think everyone naturally posts less during the summer. That, and I think most people have a set list of things they'd like to get off their chest, and once they run through that, they're sort of done. Blogging is a really weird thing when you get down to it. You have to wake up every morning mad at something. Nobody has to explain to me why they might want a break from that." -A far more popular blogger.

It makes sense, except it isn't me. I don't get up most mornings mad at anything. I don't necessarily embrace the day with optimism and a belief that today, I will receive oral sex, but I'm not looking to stand on a soap box and scream at the sky. Mostly, I blog to write about the odd things I'm interested in. More and more the blog is becoming what its title suggests --things I can't or shouldn't get into print.

Blogging has never been more fun, even though nobody is reading.

Right now, I'm selling blood and taking lunch at a soup kitchen, things I'm perversely enjoying even though needles hurt and being broke sucks. Added to that, I should be back to working with the American Cancer Society. No, I have not found a way to give myself cancer, but I'll be driving patients again and helping out.

It all feels connected, though generally speaking the people I've driven to chemo don't seem to eat at soup kitchens or sell blood. The people who sell blood don't have cancer and the folks at the soup kitchen aren't selling blood. Everyone is poor and maybe it's that scraping by, only barely, that binds us all together (and we know, I am not just a hair club president here, I'm a customer). Maybe it's why I'm more and more drawn to these subjects.

Anyway, the "cancer man" posts will be returning it looks like.


The Film Geek said...

Well, soem folks are still reading. And those who are not are missing out. The stuff you've been writing these past few months are, I think, your best yet.

primalscreamx said...

Kind of you to say. I reactivated a counter a while back and based on that, the numbers are about ten percent what they were back in the old, old days.

It doesn't really matter. I think I'm doing good stuff, too.