Thursday, July 15, 2010

Seeing Paisley

I get some ribbing every now and again about how I get bent out of shape when major recording artists (and actresses) can't seem to make time for my silly questions. I get annoyed when the rock star comes to town to collect his paycheck for the concert, but can't make ten minutes for the people living nearby who may have bought the t-shirt, the ball cap and the CDs, but maybe can't make it to the show.

It bothers me most, I think, when the star is from the area.

Really, I've tried to work on this. It's something I try to get over, but I always come back to this one thing I really believe in: You never stop paying dues.

To me, part of those dues, if you're a famous performer, is talking to the folks back home when you happen to have a gig in the neighborhood --not when you're home to see your folks, not when you're on vacation (though if you want to, great), but when you're coming to collect a check.

By my way of looking at things, Mr. Paisley, who is headlining at the PGA event concert at the recently re-razzle-dazzled Greenbrier, is overdue by a couple of years.

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