Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Food Court: Cabbage

Today, it was cooked cabbage, salad, stewed tomatoes (I think), some sort of cucumbers drenched in white dressing and sweet rolls.

I went through the line and felt like an asshole when I turned down the tomatoes, the cucumbers and the sweet roll. I also didn't take the bread.

The lady looked at me and seemed concerned I wasn't taking something from every serving tray. I just shook my head, thanked her then took my seat.

The salad was much better today, though again, I don't know what the dressing is. It still looks like the first prize in a circle jerk, but the cabbage was very decent. It tasted buttery and there were caraway seeds, which was pretty good.

I went back for seconds and stuttering, told the server, "The cabbage is very good."

She smiled. I fit in real well here. She gave me a heaping second scoop.

There were a lot of familiar faces and some new. I saw two tables of families with both parents and kids. These were complete families with two parents and a couple of kids. They broke bread together. The kids laughed, but the men with them scarcely looked up. I could imagine how hard it might have been for them to bring them.

In back, a grungy couple made out between the courses, while the people around them continued to eat. A few people watched, but as they went on and on with the tongue to tongue tango, most of us got bored.

I still sat alone. I think I need to get used to the water before I can really swim. Right now, it still feels weird to be coming here --not that it necessarily matters. I need to do this.

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