Friday, April 16, 2010

Blondie and the B-52s

I was a little annoyed when the listings for the Blondie/B-52s vanished... and when I get annoyed, I tend to ask questions. Hell, it worked out pretty good last time. I got a note from Henry Rollins about why he's not playing West Virginia. So, I sent a note to Blondie, asking why they removed the listing for the show in Charleston.

Here's what they said:

"The promoter asked us to temporarily remove it so they can announce it on a
specific date. This happens sometimes when a tour is first being
announced... there are any number of reasons, could be they want to make a
local ad, webpage, have a technical problem with a ticket link, etc.
It will reappear when they authorize it, which should be soon."

Of course, one of these reasons might be a nosy entertainment writer who happened to see what he wasn't supposed to.

Other guys speak truth to power, take on the government, crime or coal barons. They expose corruption, tell you not to eat the government cheese (which tasted fine to me) and generally try to give you a heads up on things you ought to know. I butt heads with and complicated the lives of people who book bands that were popular when I was in junior high.

I'm not complaining. It's kinda fun. I'm like a very low-watt superhero.

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larry points his sister said...

good for you sticking it to 'em

the charleston elite just loves to believe they're don't bother telling them they aren't even close...not by a longshot.