Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Summertime Blues

So... summer tours are shaping up and so far none of the really cool ones are coming to Charleston. We're not even getting the rehab rock star tours --though we are getting Brooks and Dunn divorce tour and Alan "Buy my stuff at Cracker Barrel" Jackson.

Of course, there is Festivall... Charleston's all-singing-all-dancing-all-all-all festival. The big concert for that one is The Pointer Sisters (get your tickets now).

Nothing is happening at the Civic Center --as usual. As a matter of fact, during the biggest arts and music festival in town, the Charleston Civic Center has booked the American Baptist Convention. I suppose the Jehovah Witnesses were a tad too rowdy last time.

Still, while not my favorite form of entertainment, I guess it beats having a couple of mimes in the back of a pickup truck.

I'm available for parties, by the way.


zen said...

Charleston is officially the "State Fair" of the concert stops.

larry points his sister said...

i hope that picture is framed on your wall...or at the very least picked out for your obituary in the gazette :D

but really, what's festivall without skateboarding? bunch of jackasses...