Monday, March 29, 2010

Company Is Coming

Just passing this along. The Westboro Baptist Church is coming this way to picket. It should be the usual song and dance from these people, lots of fun signs about how God hates America because we're oh so tolerant of gays, lesbians and people who like to watch Sex In The City.

These are the same happy, happy people who've picketed funerals for everybody from Michael Jackson and Jerry Falwell to U.S. Servicemen. They also released a really happening video version of "God Hates The World" to the tune of "We Are The World." Oddly enough, these dingbats can sing --or some of them can.

Westboro Baptist Church has the picketing and protesting thing down. The church is lawyered up pretty good and they know their rights --and seem to enjoy getting the people they've come to piss off to violate them and get themselves into legal trouble.

There's probably a good way to deal with their horse shit in a safe, legal and constructive way --other than letting them come to town, do their dance and go on their merry way. I think I'd like them to know they're not welcome here and should just take the twister back to Kansas.

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The Film Geek said...

I watched that video. God apparently doesn't hate copyright infringement.