Thursday, March 12, 2009

Zombie apocalypse

Some of the long-time readers of my blog (not you, Rusty) know I used to do a little driving for the American Cancer Society. I picked up patients who needed to get to the hospital for chemo or radiation treatments. This wasn't something I did a lot. I stopped getting calls after a while. Mostly, from speaking to other drivers, I figured this was because I was less desirable. I had a job. The other drivers were retired. Scheduling for them was pretty easy. There was little chance they'd tell the coordinator "no."

I hadn't seen any of the other drivers in some time, but I spoke to one today. It turns out all three of the patients I drove have died. The blind dance instructor died last Spring. The retired chemical engineer died last fall and the smoking lady went about a month ago.

It's just incredibly depressing.