Thursday, March 19, 2009

Return of music blogging

It's been a while, but I'm going to start blogging again about music and entertainment, particularly the behind the scenes stuff like how bands manage to get publicity, how they often fail and a bit about the mind-numbing bullshit that goes on behind the scenes. It will be a lot like the Mountain Stage blog, only without a meaningful agenda, good pictures or actual music to listen to.

I actually sort of like their blog. It's not as loose as I'd like it to be, but they have to behave themselves. Whether an artist is swell or swine, they might want them on the show again. Some of the people who are great performers are not just difficult, they're giant-sized dickweeds. Their mission is to focus on the talent and overlook the goofiness.

I'm not so burdened.

And just to keep things a little less confusing, I'll run a companion blog to this one. Yes, Rusty... no need to send me another letter. This would be full disclosure, buddy. Plus, the new blog will be less of the personal stuff, my baggage and whatnot. I'll stick to music and entertainment stuff.

More tomorrow...

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