Friday, February 20, 2009

Roller Girls

It doesn't always happen with every story I write, but from time to time, I sort of come to develop an attachment. Yes, I really dug Derek Trucks' new album -so much so, I'm thinking of not giving it back to the unnamed afternoon music host I borrowed it from (Unless, he says he wants it, which is entirely unlikely. I don't think he digs slide guitar). And yes, it was in pursuing a story a year ago that got me into jumping into cold water in the middle of February.

However, these are the exception to the rule.

I did a story on the Chemical Valley Roller Girls a while back, a roller derby team springing up here in the heart of West Virginia. I was pretty proud of the story and the video we did. The idea of empowering people through a weird team sport was just irresistible. It probably helps that I don't skate and the whole theme of women in black (on skates) crashing into each other (which is more of a secondary thing to the game) appeals to my darker nature. It's just cool.

So, the Chemical Valley Roller Girls are trying to get started. They have no real funding, have a second-hand track to practice on and are still working on fundamentals, but they've got a lot of heart. All they really want to do is give the state a league of its own, build friendships and support their community. Anything beyond that is gravy, but they need equipment, sponsorship and to get the word out to other women in the area that they could also do this.

I want to help, but could use ideas on how to do these things. So, if you got any thoughts on how to help the CVRG, kick them forward. Operators are standing by.


Chris James said...

This sounds awesome! I'll personally sucker-punch a hippy if ICG, AEP, or Walker agrees to fund them.

Dr. Sickness said...

The girls are having a fundraiser Tuesday Feb. 24 at the Blue Parrot, 9pm. $2 at the door.

It's Rock Band night- You can purchase a chance to have a roller girl play in your band or choose a song for the CVRG Band to perform. All with their Quads on.