Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It was a pretty big year for fashion, a lousy year for rock and roll...
-Don Henley.

It's been a strange couple of days. On the one hand, the regatta issue got out. A lot of work was done for very little. I ended up getting Jo Dee Messina, Rev Theory and the drummer from Blues Traveler. John wasn't available, owing to the demands of the tour and the new record. No explanation as to how this had to do with anything, since the drummer is on the same tour and on the same album.

It was another week where I plugged in 5 separate articles in one section, which makes me a little nervous. I start getting ribbed about what I do when my byline becomes everywhere. I think it annoys people. It annoys me a little and a lot of it is repetitive. Since it's going to be largely me, I should try to branch out from phone interviews with obscure entertainers and the occasional piece by slightly deranged local rockers.

I don't think I'm dissatisfied with the entertainment work. I'm just not growing with it.

I need some kind of change. I just haven't figured out what, yet.

I could use a vacation -one that doesn't suck and doesn't end with a letter from a lawyer.

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Jay said...

Maybe Popper was having chest pains from beating off, again.