Thursday, August 14, 2008

How I Spent My Summer -part 3

Part 3- the end and the shape of things to come

It was a three day assault on my nerves and sanity. It was three days of managing my temper poorly and sleeping badly for ten hours a night. It was three days of pinching pennies and realizing, at the end , a full third of the money I brought went to cover the cost of gasoline. Every cost-saving effort was obliterated. It's hard to cook at the house when you can't wash the damned pots and pans. The only way to keep the peace was to keep everyone in motion.

I think we made the best of it. We goofed around in the backyard, threw horseshoes and tossed a Frisbee back and forth. We took walks and watched the deer. We showed them the falls and brought them to see animals.

It was still pretty shabby. I was glad to get home. I'm still exhausted and frazzled. There's been no rest.

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Jackie said...

Dammmit Bill! It kinda creeps me out saying this...but I really enjoyed reading these last three posts. I'm a terrible person :(

And vacations pretty much suck for everybody, if it makes you feel any better.