Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Crawling out of the crater

Taylor Books seemed kind of slow for a Friday morning. The weather was nice. More people were probably getting ice cream across the street than stopping in for coffee and a book. I

I was missing out on cheeseburgers to meet with one of the few people willing to read and respond to my book. We drank coffee and talked about the pros and cons of the story. He picked out a couple of things I noticed and fixed when I started going through the files a few weeks ago. He picked out a couple of things I failed to notice and probably should also fix.

He was very kind and gave me a lot to think about.

While sitting there, one of my most faithful and favorite readers stopped in and noticed me.

"Hey, it's my favorite blogger," he said.

I smiled, shook his hand and told him I was glad to see him.

"I love your blog," he said. "I really love what you do --except when you go on about your book. I just completely tune out, but the stuff about your life, the stuff about you, that's great. You should write a book about that."

I laughed. The book in question was sitting in front of me. The two men, one to my right and the other to my left, represented my continuous conversation, the two views about whether to keep going or whether to go somewhere else.

"Well, maybe I'll do that," I told him. "One of these days..." Though really, I think I'd have to do something worth reading about first, other than survive the petty scrapes of an ordinary life.

"Just let me get this one done first," I told him. "I've kind of been at it for a while."

Agents and publishers are waiting, even now, to reject it. I must not disappoint them.


Wv Sky said...

Hahaha! Oops! There's bad timing and then there's REALLY bad timing! I thought you were interviewing just another person for the Gazz or something. Well, if your book DOES get published, I'll buy the first copy! (not sure what I'll do with it but I'll buy it)

Seriously, Lee Maynard wrote about his life (somewhat embellished and fictionalized of course) and it's one of my favorite books. I have a feeling that you could do something along those same lines and come up with a killer book also. Maybe even title it "Crummy". ;)

primalscreamx said...

This would be why I was laughing when you were telling me this stuff. I didn't know how to explain.

I'm considering it, actually, sort of. One of my favorite authors is Chuck Palahniak. I like most of his fiction, but I really love his non-fiction work, which is an interesting balance to his over-the-top books like Fight Club and Choke.

His book Stranger than Fiction weaves the murder of his father (and by extension, how his father survived being killed by his father) with a series of feature pieces. It's a great read.

So, maybe... but one thing at a time. I haven't even got on base yet. I'm still warming up in the dugout.

As always, thanks for the encouragement.