Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My announcement

My history in radio has always been sort of spotty and never fulfilling. I have what is sometimes referred to as a classic radio voice. It's always been a curse. It's considered "classic" because it's generic. Without trying too hard I can sound just like the asshole who tells Pat and Vanna about the new car or the sybian sex chair the lucky elderly contestant has won.

My uber generic voice has helped me get some radio jobs... though it was never the primary reason why I got the gig.

Job #1 was for WWNR in Beckley. I got it because I could take abuse from the scumbag who owned the station. I worked for a bona fide super villain of the caliber of "Puzzle Man" or "Paste Pot Pete." He was a low-level nut who lived to rip people off. I was young. I was stupid and by the time I realized just some of the crap he was up to, I had a new baby and bills to pay.
I was a card reader, a sales person and I helped with some administrative stuff. The job sucked and I wasn't that good.

Job #2 was with Adventure Radio in Bluefield. I was brought in to write commercials. This was where I became a super villain. I wrote a lot of copy, encouraged people to do a lot of bad things --mostly spend money on things they really didn't want or need. I was good at the job, but I did not like the job. The bosses liked my voice, but nobody gave a shit what I did with it. They wanted me to write, not perform. I was encouraged to read the cards and just press play. After I realized I wasn't getting what I wanted from the job, I decided to start looking elsewhere.

Job #3 was/is at Public Radio. They took me in because I applied and because I was already in the system. I was told on more than one occasion that there were more qualified candidates, but they chose me anyway. Not exactly a resounding endorsement.

I'm still a card reader.

There wasn't much interest in developing me for radio until after I left. I pitched ideas to the boss and was generally shot down. They let me record interviews for Mountain Stage, but it was essentially pro bono. I didn't get paid for it and nobody seemed to care whether I did it or not.

I left because there wasn't much for me there. I work on weekends because it pays decently for what it is. I get to read books, work on my novels and listen to Mountain Stage. It is not entirely unlike work study. I have no illusions that it will ever become anything more than that.

So... Rock 105 is reviving their "Home Grown" local rock program. I'm going to host and produce it. It will be local bands, interviews and local music. I may get a t-shirt in the deal at some point, but I'm not counting on it. I am not quitting my day job, but using it to work in tandem. I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know if it's going to do well or if I'm going to tank, but I don't suppose it matters.

At least, I ain't reading cards this time.


The Film Geek said...

Congratulations! I'm changing the dial now.

moneytastesbad said...

Freakin Great man!!!

What time slot is gonna be this time around? I know one of the guys that used to host it, not sure why he left, but anyway.

So does Rock 105 stream their broadcast on the internets?

Jackie said...

Fucking. A.

Anonymous said...

Streaming FM 105 on the Internet would be like putting a wheel chair lane on the Turnpike.

Hosting that show sounds like a good stepping stone though.

primalscreamx said...

Details are developing. Basically, stay tuned...