Wednesday, April 2, 2008

House cleaning and such

1-Publish Novel
Nope... but I did send out a couple of copies to people. They should be arriving shortly and then, I guess we'll go from there.

2-One job. Not broke.
Ha fucking ha.

3-Play soccer, cripple 19 year-olds.
Well, I did start yet another diet, but I still haven't made it in to the gym. The newspaper job is the most sedentary job I've ever had. It's the first time I've ever considered taking up smoking just for the exercise.

4-Take Vacation, have fun.
A vacation is being planned. I started a savings account two months ago. I've been putting a little bit of money aside. Some, but not even half, will go for a nice long weekend. We'll go for the sites, probably eat at Subway and we'll pay cash. No credit cards. No loans and we'll keep the driving down as much as possible. We're thinking probably in August.

5-Call Grandma.
I'm ashamed to say I haven't done that. I've sent a couple of cards with pictures of the kids. I don't know why this is so hard. I love the old girl, but I'm a little afraid to pick up a phone.

6-Figure out how to write.
Still working on that one.

7-Take less shit.
I think I'm doing that. I would put that one in the positive column. I'm also learning how to deflect some of the shit I deal with from those nearest and dearest. It's funny how they're the best at loading you down.

8-Don't die.
So far, so good.

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Buzzardbilly said...

Bill, Thanks so much for the shout out at The Gazz. I, in my lame attempts to catch up after the world's longest and nastiest flu (actually my great-grandfather was orphaned when both of his parents died from the same flu during an epidemic, so I guess the "world" part of that is a tad ovestated), I just last night found the mention.

You should put your name after the text at The Gazz too because the little graphic with your name wasn't showing up last night. I didn't know who wrote it until another blogger commented with your name.

On the vaca, Bardstown, KY is not a terribly long drive and we had a great weekend visit there. It wasn't horribly expensive and there were more than one haunted inn to stay in and a fun ghost tour to take too.

Plus, they make Maker's Mark there. Tour. Drinking. Whiskey-soaked cigars.

And there's an odd little Virgin Mary apparition site not too far away. Apparently the seer for that site still makes twice-monthly treks and it's supposed to be quite a thing to see. Wasn't our day though. Didn't know about that in advance to plan for it.

Also, if you want to stay in state, we loved Stonewall Jackson Resort. Surprisingly reasonable prices on really nice grounds. Cabins for rent too.